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Viagra pills are blue, diamond shaped pills with dosage strength written on the front and Pfizer written on the back and VGR. Buy Viagra pills. In 1999, 22.3 of every 1000 American men went to the doctor to report ED. This happened even in older men who were previously incapable of achieving satisfactory erections. Most of them asked for buying Viagra for ED. Viagra didn’t start out life as an erection pill. In fact, it came to be as a blood thinner, and when one of the side effects of the drug was listed as long-lasting erections, people started to buy Viagra and put two and two together.
If a person is taking nitroglycerin for angina, which works by increasing nitric oxide, thus opening up the arteries that supply the heart with oxygen. Viagra and many other such drugs work in roughly the same way. Viagra works by dilating the blood vessels in the penis. The main compound involved here is nitric oxide which is produced when one consumes Viagra for erectile dysfunction. Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels.By artificially increasing the blood flow to the penis, they allow for a stronger and longer lasting erection. Buy viagra drugs with free fast shipping.

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